Why I hate Apple Music

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited July 2015

I like Pandora a lot, and what I wanted was a better version of Pandora (more songs, better sound quality).

Here is my experience with Apple Music:

1.  "Choose artists for you"

When you first start up the service you need to tell it what artists you like.  You can't just tell the program directly, you have to pick from a list.  If you don't like the things on the list you can get it to give you a new list - it took be about half an hour of new lists before I got a bunch of artists that I liked.

I could never get my very favorite two artists on there, though - I don't know how many hundreds of hours of "get me a new list" I would have had to do before they showed up.

Why can't you just type in the artist?

2.  "For You"

Massive list of advertising, basically.   Pandora gives you some feeling of control - I have a list of stations that I created myself even if the actual songs that get played are out of control.   I don't get any feeling of control in the "For You" section.

3. "New"

More advertising.


4.  "Radio"


You can search for an artist and start a Pandora style radio station, but you can't bookmark that station so you have to repeat your search every time you want to play the station.


Also, more advertising.

5. "Connect"

Why do I see posts from artists I didn't follow and don't care about?

6.  "My Music"

An alternate way to create a Pandora style radio station is to add all the artist's albums to your music section and create a playlist.   You have to manually add any new albums, though.

Am I using it wrong?  This seems like the crappiest Apple product ever created to me.

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