iOS app - non subscription as-free...?

in Feedback edited July 2015
I realize that as a 'news' business that your costs are 'ongoing' - so your 1, 3 and 12 month subscriptions offered in the app Make sense.

But I'm rather reluctant to pay $9 a year. Generally as a rule I don't pay for subscriptions. Not to Apple Music, not to Google. If I want something I'm happy to buy it - but not to rent it.

If you offered a 'lifetime' membership for $18 or maybe $27 then I'd be ok with that. Please consider it for people like me.

Need more convincing? I don't think you are earning $9 in advertising revenue from me per year. More like $0.20 - so getting a one time fee from me is way more cost-effective. And I doubt I'm the only person that feels this way (though the price point other people are ok with is likely to be quite variable).

Thanks for all the great articles!
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