Strange anomaly when exporting tracks as MIDI's in Logic Pro X

in Mac Software edited July 2015

Hey guys,


So I have something really strange going on with Standard MIDI tracks and regions in Logic Pro X.

It seems that if two notes of the same key on the same track are end-to-end, the up-coming note will act ass if the length is extremely short or as if I just tapped the note. The remaining note length is ignored. Upon checking the event editor, the note lengths appear to be correctly placed and positioned: no overlaps or obstructions.

Only work around I've been able to come up with so far is to simply shorten the ends of the notes so their ends aren't meeting together. Of course this process brings up problems of its own that I won't go into so I'd really like to fix this mysterious bug ASAP.


Here's a sample MIDI demonstrating the bug I'm talking about.


As you can hear, the first piano note is fine and you can hear that it sustains correctly, but since the end lengths of the notes are as long as the distance between the beginning of a new note of the same pitch, every note after that does not sustain and sounds like it is either being cutoff or "lightly tapped".


I've followed this list of instructions to a 'T' and the bug still occurs. At first I thought it was a simple quantization error in Logic but I've purposely skipped the destructive quantization step to see if that would yield different results (good or bad) -- I came up empty handed.


I've come to a dead end. I can't find anything online regarding the issue and I'm all out of ideas that might prevent this from happening.

Surely someone, somewhere, has experienced this strange set of events that might be able to give me some insight.


Thank you guys for reading!


Best Regards,

- Jason

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