Washing an iphone -- success story!

in iPhone edited July 2015

In March the night before a trip I threw a couple of down coats in the wash, and my iPhone 5s was in the pocket. It went through a complete wash cycle, and then I put it in the dryer. Only noticed it when the down coat was dry. Phone would not work or hold a charge, and I thought it was hopeless to try putting it into salt, especially as I was leaving on a 2 week trip to Europe. I transferred everything to an old iPhone 5 of my wife's.


When I returned, I tried to charge the 5s, no success. Tried several weeks later, still nothing. Put it in a draw and forgot about it. Took it out this week charged it, and it has been working flawlessly since. What a product. Imagine driving a car into a lake, getting it out, leaving it to dry, and it later working. Amazing!  Bottom line -- if your phone gets wet, follow the advice on drying it out. 

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