The 13th Doll - A Fan Game that is Making It!

in AppleOutsider edited July 2015

Hey Everyone,


I still remember Myst as being one of the first Mac games which really broke down the barriers between the PC/Mac gaming world.  It was one of the first CD-based games to have releases on both platforms.  Another game in the same genre was The 7th Guest, but sadly, it only had a DOS/Windows version, which left Mac users unable to access the horror/puzzle FMV game.


10 years ago, a group of dedicated fans started working on a game based on The 7th Guest.  While it has gone through multiple developers and even an engine change over the years, this game is now very near to completion.  Better yet, we have gotten license from the original IP holder to produce this game.  But, best of all for Mac users, our game will work across the board on Mac and PC, allowing for EVERYONE to experience the haunted Stauf mansion!  It really is the game that fans have asked for.


We have just launched a Kickstarter which will enable us to finish this game, not only in the highest possible quality for all platforms, but also will allow us to have something we never had before, a definitive end time frame.  With people working full-time to make this game happen, we will get it completed by the beginning of 2016 at the VERY latest, and that is pretty amazing.


Thanks for taking the time to look over this and for discussing the official games here in the past.  We love The 7th Guest and The 11th Hour, which is the WHOLE reason this fan game was created.  By the fans and for the fans, both on Mac, and PC.

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