Apple releases fourth public beta of OS X 10.11 El Capitan

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Apple on Tuesday provided public OS X beta testers with the fourth pre-release build of El Capitan, its forthcoming free Mac operating system update set to launch this fall.

The new public beta of OS X 10.11 comes one day after the sixth developer beta was released. It is likely that both builds are identical.

The latest build is said to include only minor tweaks and bug fixes from previous versions. Betas of El Capitan have been released more quickly, suggesting that Apple could be nearly done with the OS X update and is only working on polishing code before a public debut.

Still, beta releases are known to feature bugs, as one tester told AppleInsider on Tuesday that they have experienced a kernel panic with the OS X Mail app in the latest version of El Capitan. As such, testers are advised to not install El Capitan on their Mac's main partition.

OS X 10.11 El Capitan is somewhat of a polish of last year's OS X 10.10 Yosemite update, refining things that were previously introduced. However, there are a handful of new features in the next-generation Mac update, including Split View, a better Mission Control, and various performance improvements such as Metal graphics processing.


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    MacProMacPro Posts: 18,155member
    Plus Developer Beta 6 today.
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    wizard69wizard69 Posts: 12,720member
    Plus Developer Beta 6 today.

    That is nice and more so the latest ElCapitan fixed Eclipse. Not that I've had time to do anything with either.

    By the way the quick releases of ElCapitan and the general stability has me thinking new Mac Hardware is very near. That might be wishful thinking but the leaks about new IMacs might indicate near term new Macs.
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    My MBP spat itself so I haven't seen the latest betas but is anyone using Origin?


    The last time I used it it kept saying that it was offline and I could never login with it.


    EA knows about this but it does seem interesting that it happened with El Capitan but works fine with Yosemite.

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    wonkothesanewonkothesane Posts: 1,344member
    overall ok for me. Mail appears the most buggy part. Anyone an idea why it refuses to send emails through an exchange server? It's no appearing in the SMTP list.
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    limlim Posts: 9member

    No idea why, but PB4 seems very, very reluctant to download - gets most of the way through and then cancels itself. 

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    pakittpakitt Posts: 154member
    Installed it on my iMac, but it doesn't show as an installed update in the "Updates in the last 30 days" list of the the App Store... it only shows up to PB3...
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    swiftswift Posts: 436member
    I have been using the betas since Yosemite, and for me, it always starts great, and then Safari goes bonkers and crashes. Inexplicably slow. Then a new version comes along and everything's great for a few days.
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    limlim Posts: 9member

    Originally Posted by pakitt View Post

    Installed it on my iMac, but it doesn't show as an installed update in the "Updates in the last 30 days" list of the the App Store... it only shows up to PB3

    ... same here!

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