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REcently bought a new truck. Tried to use Ipod but it doesn't track right. (Gm's fault) Their solution buy a new Ipod. In hind sight this would have been smarter. Instead I tried using a flash drive. I discovered there were many songs in my library that would not play or even show up on the new radio (as well as our 2013 Ford). Research showed these were "protected" songs. Further researsh showed that if I joined the cloud these would be updated to 256 bps and the "protected" classification would be removed. So against my nagging doubt about anything involving the cloud I did.

Now while all of my library can be accessed while connected to Itunes store, as soon as I disconnect they are now longer accessible. The entire library has disappeared from my desktop and only usable while connected to Itunes. Previous libraries appear empty as well. AS for the updated purchased songs, I now have to download all 2000+ of them one by one to get them back to my desktop. While they all are still in my Ipod, at this point I'm afraid to even connect it to the pc.

So yes, this is an Apple problem. the previous posters are correct. Every time they decide to "upgrade" they screw something else up. I used to be able to back up onto DVD discs. Haven't been able to do that for several "Updates" now. This should be easy and straight forward. Not having to involve hours searching the web for this or that patch that may or not work. Or, just as likely, to make matters worse. Apple support has always been a joke. Even they don't know what's going on with their systems. I shouldn't have to spend hours reloading 4900+ songs. 

Yes, at the moment I'm really pissed off.


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    Well.... you wanted to remove the DRM, so you now have to download a new version of each of those files... makes perfect sense.


    Assuming they had mentioned all this in the "fine print", would you have bothered to read it anyway?


    I certainly understand the desire/need to vent... but... nothing has really gone "wrong"... you just elected to upgrade your song files to non-DRM versions so that you could play them in your truck.  That upgrade naturally involves downloading new (non-DRM) versions of those files... and the accompanying deletion of the old files, so that you don't get them confused with the new ones.

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