The new iPhone. (not 6S)

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As we know, Apple like to sometime take bold, unthinkable steps. The Macbook, the (not so) new Mac Pro, the first Air, removing legacy ports, etc... Bold moves, expensive machines, pushing the industry forward, while keeping older product around for those who can't or won't accept the downsides of such new products.

The iPhone as we know it today will only see iterative improvements. It will keep on getting faster and better, but what can be really changed, design and technology wise? The bezel can become thinner, the battery can be improved, but overall we are having an extremely mature product now.

What if Apple decided to do the Macbook of iPhones? What could it do if it were to make the Jony Ive's dream iPhone?

Released alongside an usual iPhone release for those of us who could not endure the unavoidable downsides, let's discuss what this new iPhone would look like. I am calling it simply "the iPhone/the new iPhone" and not the Air to follow Apple way with what they did with the Macbook.

Here are my ideas to begin with!


I think we need to take cues from the Macbook. First of all, this iPhone would get rid of it's two ports. Getting rid of the legacy jack, Apple would push a new line of high quality bluetooth Beats earphone and headphones. Getting rid of the charging port, Apple would have to use wireless charging and improve the convenience of this system.

Getting rid of those port, the iPhone could become unofficially waterproof, but I don't think it is of real importance here. (Also the question would be if it would make the iPhone any thicker -in that case it's out of the question- and if it's possible to be waterproof while having speaker grill)

The volume and lock/silent button are out. We can use conveniently control center instead.

The home button is out. This is about moving forward! Force touch replace the home button function, and Apple has a patent about fingerprint recognition through the screen. This iPhone cannot be out until the technology is sufficient to put directly Touch ID into the screen of course.

The power button stay, we need at least something to turn on the phone... Or do we? Could we imagine an always on iPhone? (if you run out of battery, the iPhone will turn on by itself once sufficiently charged)

The speaker grill could become wider and the sound louder, but I don't see as a necessity.

No bezels on the side of course! The screen would go side to side, save for half a millimeter for minimal screen protection. We still need some space on the top, as I don't know of a technology which would allow putting a camera or a speaker behind the screen. For symmetry we will have the same space below the screen, but it will be as small as we can imagine.

The iPhone will get (of course) thinner and lighter, with compromise on the battery and power. It will be powered by a A7 or equivalent: as for the Macbook, we would get less power so the compromise on the battery isn't too extreme, but a powerful enough chip for everyday use. An iPhone 5S equivalent will do.

Screen size: we can notice Apple released first a "small" size (12") for the Macbook, and it will certainly release a bigger size once it will be time to phase out the Air, (or to stop upgrading them and just sell one model on the side, 2011 Pro style). So I believe we would get either a 4" if Apple believe in it's potential or a 4.7". My heart says a 4", my brain says a 4.7".


That's all I can think about for now!



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    One thing I forgot! Price and storage.

    The base Air is 999/128, the Macbook is 1299/256, the Pro is 1299/128.

    We can see that it kinds of fits between the two lines, as even though you get more storage than the Pro you also loose a lot of power/options/screen size, etc.

    I would follow a similar pricing. Make it as expensive as the base iPhone 6 Plus, while upping the storage, so if Apple keep it’s current pricing and storage system it would be:

    iPhone 6S: 649/16

    iPhone 6S Plus: 749/16

    iPhone: 749/64

    (I said iPhone 6S but it could be iPhone 7, or 7S. It’s all about the future!)

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