Hey SIRI...need to customize wake up phrase and identify that it is my voice

in iPhone edited September 2015
What is needed .... SIRI needs to identify my voice phrase
Just saying Hey SIRI in a room with many phones would be a problem if all phones responded to anyone's voice.

Would be nice if each person could use a custom phrase ...not just Hey SIRI

This would require a setup and training exercise ..customize your key phrase and repeate a few times for SIRI to identify my voice pattern and wake up phrase.

That's where Cirrus Logic recent acquisition plays a role.

The AGNITiO Voice iD Advantage

All voice biometrics technologies are not created equal. As the leader in government and law enforcement, and with a rapidly growing call center presence, AGNITiO Voice iD engine running KIVOX Mobile software allows for the use of simple, short voice phrases that are accurately detected 99.9% of the time. AGNITiO has a proprietary patented anti-spoofing technology that detects up to 97% of replay attacks, as well as many others risks. KIVOX software is completely language independent, minimizing costs for global deployments and enabling natural voice and user friendly authentication
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