Apple seeds first iOS 9.1 beta to developers, adds new taco, burrito & unicorn emojis

in iPhone edited September 2015
In tandem with the GM releases of iOS 9, watchOS 2, and OS X El Capitan on Wednesday, Apple also issued the first-ever beta of iOS 9.1.

The code is listed as build 13B5110e, and available only to registered members of the Apple Developer Program. The company warns that once installed, a device can't be reverted to an earlier version of iOS.

So far the exact contents of the beta are unknown, beyond a new range of emojis spotted by The Next Web. It will presumably address any outstanding bugs in the final version of 9.0, and as a major point release may also make various feature and interface tweaks.

Some of the new emojis include a crab, lion, taco, burrito, unicorn, racecar, and satellite, as well as medals and prayer beads.

iOS 9 is scheduled to reach the public on Sept. 16, nine days before the arrival of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. The operating system should also come preloaded on the iPad mini 4 and 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

Core iOS 9 features will include things like context-sensitive search and Siri functions, transit directions in Maps, and split-screen multitasking on iPads.


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    Eye roll! YES!
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    How is it that in 2015 we still don't have emoticons by Apple that are animated? I was using Skype in 2009 and their emoticons made the conversation much more lively and fun because they moved. I doubt it would take up any battery life or processing power, what's the reason? Patented? I doubt it. 

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    "Can't innovate, my ass!" — Phil

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    Just got iOS 9.1 OTA from Apple for public beta.
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    Originally Posted by JonInSD View Post


    How is it that in 2015 we still don't have emoticons by Apple that are animated?


    Much harder than you think. Emoticons are implemented as Unicode characters. The advantage is that they can be used anywhere, in messages, webpages, apps, etc. Animated emoticons would be the same as saying there's a need for animated letter "a" or Chinese character, because that's absurd, none of that has been implemented. The entire font and text display infrastructure would have to be modified, and because every single app uses text, there's a big chance you'll break stuff.

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