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Selling Steve Jobs’ Liver: A Story of Startups, Innovation, and Connectivity in the Clouds is a wickedly funny and satirical look at the high-tech industry and the cult of the entrepreneur. Just released, I’ve never read anything like it and once you pick the book up and start reading, you’ll find it hard to put down. I devoured it in one go. 


Author Merrill Chapman is no stranger to the Slashdot community. Both editions of his cult classic, In Search of Stupidity: Over 20 Years of High-Tech Marketing Disasters , were reviewed on Slashdot. Liver is very much written in Stupidity’s subversive tone, sending up Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, startups, Y Combinator, China, CES, the Catholic Church, Apple, DEMO, hedge funds, packaging, Silicon Valley, zombies, the IoT, PowerPoint, and probably a dozen other topics I’ve omitted.


Let’s sweep any metaphor questions out of the way. Selling Steve Jobs Liver is indeed a contemporary tale of two Silicon Valley wantrepreneurs, Nate Pennington and Ignacio Loehman, who are contacted by a modern day ghoul and purchase the late Apple CEO’s original liver, removed from his body during his 2009 transplant operation (the book refers to it as the “1.0 version”). 


Using the organ to create a “compelling value proposition,” the pair launch Reliqueree, a cloud startup whose mission is to “reposition” the market’s current perception of death and dying. The new company’s first product is the uLivv, a device that upon launch contains a sample of Jobs’ DNA extracted from his liver, a complete map of his genome (Jobs was one of the first people in the world to have his genome completely sequenced as part of his cancer treatment), and an interactive Steve Jobs persona, an “iBrain” built on top of his genome that can be trained to advise and guide business dreamers on how to be just like Steve. 


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