Apple Store App NOT WORKING for No Contract phone purchase for full price option for AT&T usage

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Issues with iPhone 6S/Plus purchases using Apple Store app on iphone

Just validated with Apple Service rep that if you use the iphone Apple Store App on your iphone and want to purchase a No Contract Full price iPhone 6S/Plus to use with AT&T, you will NOT have any option to pick AT&T and only be able to choose T-Mobile or NONE and BOTH Choices will get you the A1687/1688 version of the GSM phone technologies and this will not be optimal for AT&T usage. You can only (as of 10:00am PDST on 9/12/15) use the PC/MAC web browser version to purchase for AT&T to get the A1633/1634 version that supports AT&T's Band 30 technology. 


I ended up buying both the T-Mobile option and the option that simply said NONE and was told by APPLE that I had ordered the same phone twice and that this A1687 would not be optimal for AT&T usage but would work. I was able to cancel both Midnight orders and order this morning the right phone but was instructed by APPLE to use the web page to purchase and that shows all the carriers to choose from.


Just a heads up, as I was quite frustrated by this and not sure when this will be fixed and not sure the average Joe will know the difference...

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