How do back up an exact copy????

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I have pre ordered a new iphone 6 plus for my wife and she currently has an iphone 6.  She is VERY particular about her phone and how it looks.  Is there an app or a way to back up an exact copy for when she gets her new phone?




Download all contacts to new phone

Download all texts to new phone

Download all media to phone

Copy all ringtones and wall papers


If possible, even copy preferences such as text size, passwords, etc...






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    Back it up to a computer using iTunes ... then, when you get the new phone, "Restore" it from that backup file.

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    Agreed -- use iTunes for best results but if that isn't possible then backup to iCloud. Make sure the iTunes "Encrypt iPhone backup" option is selected and don't forget the password. The restore will be exactly as before even down to which Safari tabs are open. There will be some differences between the iOS versions since the new one will come with version 9 and your wife is almost certainly using 8. Also, some minor things that require a security certificate cannot be transferred over because of the way those work, but she is unlikely to use any of those outside of a business-managed phone.


    The 6 and 6+ are different sizes and the screens won't look the same.


    Didn't you mean an iPhone 6s Plus? I don't think you can preorder a 6+.

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