Other states come to the rescue

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The important thing is that the movement to dismiss the M$ antitrust case against the remaining 9 states and the District of Columbia was denied.

While that's certainly good to hear, the fun part of this article is that even though there are only nine states left in the case... 18 states filed breifs against the dismissal... strenth in numbers! Apparently the states that were included in the settlement settled, but are not opposed to proding M$ a few more times before they call it a day.


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    <a href="http://maccentral.macworld.com/news/0206/13.judge.php"; target="_blank">Article Here</a>
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    A U.S. District Court judge Wednesday denied Microsoft Corp.'s motion that she dismiss the antitrust case of nine states and the District of Columbia against the software maker, ruling that the company has no legal basis to seek the dismissal.

    does m$ ever have a legal basis for anything they do? it sounds like this judge is saying, "sheesh micrsoft, you sure are dumb"

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