iPhone 7 camera? My little expectations

in iPhone edited September 2015

What I like to see in next year's iPhone camera is this:


Analysts are saying the next iPhone will be as thin as iPad Air 2.  They don't need to do too much with the cameras (as with each redesign with respective to S upgrades).  What I like to see is they can make the camera flush (very difficult but this is just my hope and not the most important bit).  Make the aperture larger to f/1.9 and make 1080p 240fps (or even higher fps slo-mo).  The front facing camera should have 1080p video not 720p, which is one of the very few things I am a bit disappointed with the new iPhone 6s.  If they manage to put OIS into the 4.7" model for the next iPhone that would be great too.


P.S. There is a trend of upgrades I tend to see in each year's iPhone upgrades.  Redesign models tend to have new designs (obviously), improved display and improved battery.  S upgrades tend to focus on performance, camera and a unique feature (Siri in 4s, Touch ID in 5s, 3D Touch in 6s).  Wireless capabilities and weird little things just comes and goes in between (didn't expect 6s to get MIMO but glad it did).  Do you agree?

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