My Macworld Predictions, whats yours?

in Future Apple Hardware edited January 2014
OK Donnie's long awaited MacWorld Predictions...

Fairly Certain:

Combo Drive for consumers on the emac

USB 2 on all G4 towers

Small speed boost across the board

bluetooth starting to be built in to some systems

Apple Works 7.0

Longer shots:

screen resolution boost for the imacs

G5 s

apple branded pda ( with ipod HD and Firewire)

10.2 shipping

Longest shots

a pad computer (laptop sized screen with handwriting recog and airport that docks witha full sized computer)

apple branded dv video camera

new tower design ala titanium and xserve (think shiney metalic and revolutionary)

No Way

Apple anounces aqusition of Microsoft

Let me know what you think



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