Skype users impacted by major sign-in problems, Microsoft says fix underway

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Many Skype users are suffering from a glitch preventing them from signing in to the service or seeing other contacts as online, effectively blocking them from making voice or video calls to each other, Microsoft acknowledged on Monday morning.

The problem is also stopping people from changing their status if they're signed in, and hampering updates to other Skype account details, the company said. People should still be able to send instant messages to contacts, but in some cases messages to group chats may not work.

The issue has been ongoing for a few hours. Microsoft noted that it's working on a solution and is hoping to have an update "soon."

One reported workaround, according to CNet, is to use the Web version of the service, as the bug appears to be affecting only the dedicated mobile and desktop clients. Anyone else participating in a call also has use the Web app to circumvent the glitch.

For many people, VoIP clients like Skype, FaceTime, and Viber are of growing importance to their daily communications. Apple has been hit with multiple FaceTime outages in the past.


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    I am seeing this fixed at this point.
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    Not fixed for me (in the US).  No issues getting online via my iPhone and iPad, but my rMBP hangs at log-in.  Running beta Skype web right now, which also works fine.

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    Skype is a mess anyway. Since I started using Microsoft Office 365 with free minutes on Skype, it's been impossible to register. Check the Skype page and you'll see a lot more people totally frustrated with what appears to be "free" minutes that are impossible to use.
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