Bad internet browsing experience on my retina 15" 2013, something wrong?

in Current Mac Hardware edited October 2015

I work with webdevelopment so i visit websites all day everyday. And I feel my retina 15 is performing not so very good, at least not as good as I think it's supposed to do? Shouldn't the experience when visiting advanced websites be buttersmooth even on a retina 15" from 2013?


For example, let's look at some of the interactive websites showcased on, here are some that runs poorly on my macbook no matter what browser:!/agency/


These are just som examples, this is something i experience a lot.

Even my own site there is some framedrops and such on scroll animations. 


The difference in smoothness when sitting on my PC is HUGE. Sure my PC has much better specs but shouldn't my macbook at least be powerful enough to run websites like these, even tho it's no gaming laptop?


How does my examples run on your retina laptops? Is there something wrong with mine or is it just old and outdated?

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