S/MIME on iPhone

in iPhone edited October 2015

Good afternoon,


Currently trying to setup S/MIME on an iPhone 5C running iOS8. I am able to install my certs onto the iPhone and send digitally signed emails. I am able to send encrypted emails to others that have published their keys to the GAL, however when someone outside of the domain sends a digitally signed email, I am not able to save their certificates to the iPhone (this is what is done in the Windows environment (Outlook, etc) I am currently using the following support article from Apple ( https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202345 )



Under the paragraph "Send an encrypted message to someone outside your Exchange environment" I am seeing the message signed and see the certificate in Outlook 2013, however when look on the iPhone I am not seeing the certificate to save on the phone.

Any insight to what is going on would be greatly appreciated .
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