Facebook adds support for 3D Touch on iPhone 6s, Office for iOS gets automatic font downloads

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Facebook on Monday added basic 3D Touch commands to its iPhone app, while Microsoft updated the iOS version of its Office suite with features like automatic font downloads, and quicker document navigation in Word.

Image Credit: Daily Dot
Image Credit: Daily Dot

The updated Facebook iPhone app currently only supports 3D Touch for homescreen launch shortcuts. These allow users to jump into shooting or uploading photos and video, or else making a regular text post, without having to wait for the News Feed to load.

The app still lacks promised support for animated Live Photos. During Apple's Sept. 9 press event, the company said Live Photos would work with Facebook by the end of 2015.

The new version is free to download and runs on any device with iOS 7 or later. 3D Touch, however, requires an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus.

Office for iOS

Two of the core apps in the suite, Word and PowerPoint, will now automatically download any missing fonts in a document or presentation. All three -- including Excel -- will let users rename files directly from the Open and Recent tabs.

Exclusive to Word is the ability to leap to a specific page by holding and dragging while scrolling. Excel, meanwhile, has a new Comments task pane on the iPad, enabling access to all user comments at once.

The three apps are free, and run on devices with iOS 8 or later.


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    I expect the Failbook app is as craptastic as ever. Nice to see more Word for iPad updates though, I'll have to try them out later.

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    Originally Posted by sog35 View Post


    Remember when the troll on Verge said 3D touch won't even be implemented on Apps till the iPhone7 comes out?



    It hasn't been implemented yet. ;)


    Personally, I think there's benefits to waiting until the fresh chassis release; all the tech from the S release is matured and supported by more apps.

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    Originally Posted by sog35 View Post


    Remember when the troll on Verge said 3D touch won't even be implemented on Apps till the iPhone7 comes out?




    Indeed.  3D Touch is a major differentiator.   'Peeking' will be the key 'must have' that app developers will need to properly utilize to speed information to the device user.   My guess we'll see a whole slew of categories '3dTouch-ify' to maintain market share.


    The big risk is those lowest common denominator app devs that need to wait for a Android phone to do the same

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    Originally Posted by sog35 View Post


    Heres what the clown on Verge said on why 6/6+ owners should not upgrade


    "...and it'll take a while for developers to really make use of 3D Touch. And by the time that happens, it will probably be time to buy an iPhone 7."


    what an idiot.


    Idiot x10. iOS developers are always quick to implement new features. I don't know how anyone could say that with a straight face.


    The 6S is the biggest update ever in the history of the iPhone. It's why I decided to get 4 for the whole family this time around, instead of the usual routine of getting 2 new ones and passing the older models down to the kids.


    Smoking fast A9 processor, 2GB RAM, improved cameras/4K and 3D Touch. This is the iPhone that will be future-proof for many years to come (more than any other iPhone before).

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