Should I forgo Skylake on my new iMac?

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So I've been waiting to upgrade my 5yr old iMac with this latest refresh. I'm also being purchased a new system for my work. My current iMac is 21" and I think 27" would be too big for me but I'm anxious about not getting the Skylake chip. How much of a jump will I be missing if I stick with the 21"?


I'd also wondered/hoped we might see Skylake in the Macbook line. It's the new Macbook I'd want to opt for on my work buy-in. When do you think we might see Gen2 and what do you expect to see in waiting for it?


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    Hmm. So Covent Garden didn't have the new systems on display but I've opted for the mid-range 27". I'm beginning a PhD so it'll only be used for editing large Word files, OCR work with texts and large Zotero/PDF libraries. I'd prefer 21.5" as I think the larger size will look weird in my bedroom (that said I sometimes use my current system for films). But not only do I hope having Skylake will make it last a little longer but once I'd specced up the 4k system with a 1TB fusion drive and extra memory as it's soldered on I'm almost at the price of the 27" mid-range system.

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