my imac started a strobe light show and burned out

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I saved the hard drive but the imac was only four years old. 27 inch


Is this normal?


Can I sell it for parts?


Should I have it fixed?


The dealer said it would be abot $1300+


I see one for sale for $500 21 inch 4 years old


should I buy a PC?


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    sphericspheric Posts: 2,093member
    Of course it's normal. All computers go into strobe mode after four years and require you to unlock them for $1300.


    Did the technician tell you what exactly was wrong? $1300 seems like an awful lot for any kind of repair on an iMac.
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    I should pick the shell of the computer up this week and find out what caused it to crash.

    I paid so much it I thought I would get a good 10 years out of it

    My original Mac with floppy disks still works go figure
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    sphericspheric Posts: 2,093member

    So does mine - an old Mac SE, from ca. 1990. 


    My late 1999 iMac DV still works, too. As does my early 2007 MacBook. And my 2008 24" iMac. 

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