iPhone design for outdoor workers

in iPhone edited October 2015
The new IPhones may have awesome technology that I believe are better than Samsung but the designers have forgotten about the practicality of everyday outdoor workers. Because they are in a fight with Samsung to get get the most on there screens and making them bigger and slimmer is great for handbags and people who leave there phones on there desks but it has become totally inconvenient for people who need to have there phones in there pockets when they are working. The amount of times you have to bend over and move around when you are a tradie, farmer etc makes it incredibly hard to move freely with such a large phone let alone the chance of bending the phone. What is needed for the workers is a phone of similar shape to the iPhone 4s, maybe even lighter. I don't suggest you get rid of the new design of the iPhone as it is incredibly popular, I just suggest a phone for us outdoor workers that is smaller and tougher e.g one with tougher glass or even scratch resistant plastic. I am sure it would be incredible popular. Need any ideas on it just ask me, a person who works hard outdoors.
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