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I am experiencing a problem with podcasts in iTunes. I subscribe to 7 different podcasts. Three of them will have the new episodes come in automatically but the other four do not and I have to manually check these four for new episodes and download them myself. I am pretty sure that this is not the way that it's supposed to work. All podcasts that you subscribe to should download new episodes automatically. How can I make this happen with my four wayward podcasts?


Cheers,          John


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    crowleycrowley Posts: 10,453member

    You can modify subscription and download settings for individual podcasts, so i'd suggest checking those out, they may have been mistakenly modified.



    If everything is correct, then toggle it off and on, to refresh it.

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    Thanks very much for that advice Crowley. I had no idea that these settings even existed let alone the fact that each podcast had to be tweaked individually in the Settings window. I spent a bit of time trying to find the little gear to click - it isn't there in my version of iTunes (12.3). I finally found it at the bottom of the iTunes window


    So I went through the exercise for each podcast and I think I'm going to be OK now. You have been very helpful in solving this mystery for me.


    Cheers,            John

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