Apple Mac OS X and iOS quality degrades to mid 90's

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I've been using Macs since 1991. I've used every Mac OS starting with System 6. Quite frankly I think that while Apple pays attention to detail on their hardware, unfortunately I don't think that is true anymore of iOS and OS X. iOS has animation issues that are hard to notice but they're there. iCloud and the concept of create and share on all devices is a hit and miss. Author iMovie on iMac sometimes doesn't update the iPad. So Mac, iPad, and iPhone have different versions because of sync issues. Scanners stop working for no reason with El Capitan. There is more, but not the focus here.

I hope Apple realizes that their software quality is suffering with each new release. What do you think? What are the non-bug type quality issue do you see?


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    sphericspheric Posts: 2,240member
    You lived through 7.5 and all the system enablers, the Copland disaster, the brushed-metal Quicktime player, and think Apple has recently developed software issues?
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    No, what I am saying is, there is indications now that they're heading in that direction. I am an Apple fan, but I don't have my head in the sand (not implying you do,) but I can see the signs that I lived through from the beginning. Yes, System 7.5 all the way up to and including 8 was a mess. But the Mac OS didn't get that way over night. it was over a long period of time of releasing little imperfections, and bugs that built over time. I love my iPhone 6s Plus, but iOS is showing signs of similar imperfections just the same. Next release there will be more serious problems, and so on until history repeats it self. Not attacking Apple I am a fan, and they need to pay more attention to the software side, especially iCloud.

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    But iCloud, specifically, is one of the very areas that have improved dramatically over the past two iOS releases. 


    If that's your yardstick, I really don't see where you're coming from. 

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