Can't open iTunes after upgrading to IOS 9

in iPad edited October 2015

When I click the icon for iTunes on my new iPad Gen 4, all I get is the splash page with the apple and the word Music on it. It remains there indefinitely. There is nothing to click and the only thing I can do is go back to the mail menu. Since this is a new iPad for me, I don't recall trying the iTunes icon before updating to IOS 9.


I just bought 2 new albums in the iTunes Store (which works fine) and now I can't listen to them because I can't open iTunes. 


Any suggestions?


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    I had the same problem last night with my iPhone after upgrading to the latest revision of iOS.

    I'm not sure what finally "fixed" it. (it's working fine now) ... It might have been re-starting the phone.  It seemed to be a bug in the initial "Music" splash screen that you get after an upgrade. (The screen where Apple tries to get you to subscribe to their music service... I don't know why I have to keep telling them to piss-off EVERY time they issue an update to the OS.)


    In any case.. I'd recommend force-quiting the app, and then restarting the iPad.

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