Can't sign into iMessage FaceTime after update

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my macbook pro 10.10.5 set up to do auto updates


last week after an update iMessage and FaceTime on my MBP now won't work, 


it asks for an app specific password, so i "create" one, get to my account and send to my iphone


i put in the verification code  where it asks 

but still not working seems to be a circle     

need an app specific password


i go to my account in password field of the iMessage app


i go to iMessage and use the code it then says incorrect please sign in


i'm missing something please help


iMessage and FaceTime the same issue on my MBP ,  but both work on my iPhone


thanks for any help  :)


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    nofeernofeer Posts: 2,422member

    when i go to my account page, i can see everything and all aspects numbers address etc of my account and info "verified"

    its this two step verification where i can't sign into iCloud, iMessage, FaceTime  on my MBP

    could an adblocker be interfering??

    also i'm using private mode in safari



    i tried using regular browser window didn't help

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    nofeernofeer Posts: 2,422member



    the 4 digit code was not the app specific code for the iMessage or FaceTime 

    it basically confirmed me to get  access to my account


    then in my account page

    security and password> scroll down to the bottom> create app specific  code


    this very long code is created>copy  then     paste to the login for the iMessage and facetime


    bingo---it worked

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