Thrilled with new 27" iMac

in Current Mac Hardware edited November 2015

I had my old 21.5" iMac for 5 years, the longest serving computer I've ever had. I was disappointed it couldn't run Handoff and over the last year, particularly with El Capitan, I found it increasingly slow. Slow to run programmes, launch them and conduct sometimes even basic tasks. It was long in the tooth.


I was anxious about going for the bigger screen, but I fancied Skylake and once I'd specced a 21.5" 4K with a Fusion drive and more soldered on RAM I was getting near the cost of a 27" anyway. I couldn't be more happy with my choice. In fact, I can't remember the last time I was so impressed with a new Mac. The screen is astounding. I've watched films and streamed TV on it. Its nicer to watch than my TV downstairs. I've used a retina display before but the text on this is so crisp a page is a pleasure to work on, which is lucky given this will be my principle PhD machine. The machine is quick and speedy and I haven't noticed any particular issue with the small amount of SSD - everything launches quickly, even Word 2016 which takes longer on my SSD Air. 


Having tried out the new Macbook in Apple Stores I had been worried (when also thinking of one of those) at the feel and touch of the new butterfly-mechanism keyboard. However, having spent some considerable time with the new Magic keyboard I'm a total convert. (That being said, I assumed from its solidity that it also employed the new butterfly mechanism, but the Apple website says not?!) It's good to the touch yet the keys feel so much more solid and stable. I now dislike working on my Air's keyboard. In fact, if I had any disappointment with the system it's probably the Magic Mouse 2. It's fine, works well but I think I'd have preferred the Magic Trackpad 2, although even with that many of the actions available with Force Touch were also available on the old version, just with a multi-touch gesture. But so far absolutely delighted.

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