Small but relevent iBook experience...

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My friend's girlfriend got the $1,199 iBook:

12.1-inch TFT XGA display

600MHz PowerPC G3

512K L2 cache @600MHz

System bus @100MHz

128MB SDRAM memory

20GB Ultra ATA drive


A gift from her mother (her brother got a duel MP Power Mac G4 w/Super drive and a 17-inch Apple Studio Display...haven't seen that one yet).

I came over to help her with installing softwear. She had been a Windows user from the start and never used a Mac before.

What I thought was cool was the iBook (as all Macs now) was set with OS X as the default OS. She didn't really know this was the case...just thought OS X was the OS for Apple computers. She already had it all down pat! I showed her a few tips, but she had already had mail, iTunes, iPhoto and the OS X basics learned.

I did show her that OS 9 was still on there and how to set up her start up disc. Her brother had software for OS 9 but hadn't gotten around to installing them. She was having too much fun with OS X! She says she'll use Office for OS X and that she'll stay in OS X and use Classic for a couple of OS 9 applications.

I had thought that having OS X as the default OS would irk some newbies but as far as I can tell, this "newbie" was familierized and running her OS X and applications as soon as she booted it up for the first time. "It's so much easier on a Mac!" she said...

Macs, gotta love them.


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    groveratgroverat Posts: 10,872member
    My girlfriend will be getting an iBook soon, as well, per my advice she's waiting to see if it's going to get changed at all at MacWorld.

    She knows frighteningly little about OS9 and nothing at all about OSX but seeing iTunes added to the constant pressure from me to choose a Mac laptop she finally decided it was best.
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    artman @_@artman @_@ Posts: 2,546member
    She likes OS X because of it's GUI. She thinks it's "feminine". Somewhat true...but I'll never admit it's "girly". Believe me, if this young lady can breeze through the intricities of OS X because it looks "non-threatening" then so be it.

    OS 9 and below = "Manly"

    OS X = "Girly" (I like "non-threatening" better <img src="graemlins/hmmm.gif" border="0" alt="[Hmmm]" /> )

    Windows 2000 and below = "Manly"

    Windows XP = <a href=""; target="_blank">"Fisher Price"</a> <img src="graemlins/lol.gif" border="0" alt="[Laughing]" />
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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member
    A very similar scenario with my ex wife, who I gave my tangerine iMac DV to after buying my LCD iMac (yeah, we're still the best of friends...go figure).

    Anyway, she's dabbled on the Mac before (OS 8 era), but I simply put OS X only on their because she's strictly an Office, e-mail, surfing, iTunes person.

    She loves it. Everytime I see her, she has another tale of how she "figured something out" or learned a shortcut or is getting that much "more into" the Mac, thanks to OS X.

    The only thing that is missing that she might run into is RealPlayer, but I don't even think that's been a real issue.

    She loves the Dock, customizing the tool bar, the Genie effect (haha) and especially iTunes. Once I sat down and showed her some of the cool things with iTunes, she's gone nuts and has been slowly converting her entire CD library over to mp3 and has this pretty nice iTunes playlist going, and is regularly burning custom mix CDs all on her own.

    She does the Software Update thing once a week and I think she's a convert.

    It's been my experience that if someone can simply sit down, have an experienced Mac user around initially to walk them through the basics and show them some shortcuts or tips, everyone I've ever known who has come from a PC/Windows background seems to really take to the Mac, ESPECIALLY now that OS X is really coming of age and is more full-featured.

    It's only going to get more so with Jaguar, right?
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