Airport time capsule, sad's, hub, viewing and using

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Airport time capsule 2TB (router and usb for additional Hard disk’s) Airport time Capsule 


I have an iMac and a 2TB Airport time Capsule, WiFi, a laptop and several Apple Devices. I am utilizing a good portion of my Time Capsule to the Time machine Backups. My iMac also has a 1TB internal hard disk. I also have three other external hard disks. A 1TB SSD, .5 TB SSD and a 2Tb Seagate (relegated to the MS side of my setup). What I want to do is be able to see my 2 SSD’s and address them directly. I have tried to use an alias, assign an Icon and use them just as I would use my internal HD and my Airport Time capsule. I can see my SSD’d when in finder looking at my Airport Time Capsule. I just can’t seen to get it organized. I have a 5 port powered USB hub. Not only having a problems with the alias but volumes don’t like easy icons. I need advice on how to set up the 2 ssd’s and give then an icon that I can see in finder under devices. I would appreciate any advise you may offer.


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