Family sharing. Which ID do family members use for iTunes store on iphones/ipads? iCloud ID or the

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Searched apple support pages and can't find the answer to this.


Have family sharing setup.  Me and all family members have our own unique iCloud apple ID's.  We have the original iTunes Apple ID that we all use for the iTunes account login for each device still.  Is this master account (actually it is my wife's apple ID) the one we are all supposed to use to login to the iTunes Store on our iDevices or should we each be using our own Apple ID for both icloud and the itunes login?  


Apple support is never explicit on which ID to use for the iTunes login part when family sharing is in use.  It is clear that each of us will be using our iCloud ID's for the iCloud login on our respective devices though.


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    Each person uses his own apple ID on his devices.  Then... whoever controls the master "family" account (in this case, your wife's apple ID) can go into settings and invite the others to the family plan.  All ID's in the family sharing plan will then be able to share music/apps/vids purchased by any of those ID's.

    It works great for me.

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    When each person uses their own icloud ID for the iTunes authentication on their devices then it no longer shows each family members purchases.  For example the drop down menu top left on the ipad that shows each Family member when we all use the same master ID for the itunes login is gone once we each use our own Apple ID for the itunes login.

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