Apple Care for iPhone is a waste of money

in iPhone edited November 2015

I purchased a $100 Apple Care with my new iPhone 6 Plus, hoping it will save me some dough should I drop the phone or crack the screen.


It recently happened. I dropped my phone and shattered my screen. I didn't feel bad since I had Apple Care. I went to a local Apple Store and turned in my phone, they said it'll cost me $80 to fix the screen, I told them that I have Apple Care. They said they realize that and that's why it's only $80 and not $130.


Is that a good deal? Let's see... Apple Care allows you a total of two repairs, apparently at $80 per instance. So if you crack your screen twice, that's $160, plus your $100 Apple Care, a total of $260. If you don't have Apple Care and cracked your screen once, it'll be $130 ($70 cheaper than if you had paid for Apple Care); if you cracked it twice, it'll be $260 (Same price as if you had paid for Apple Care)


I do realize that Apple Care becomes useful if you destroy your iPhone, but that is very unlikely in a two year period, and Apple Care does not cover a stolen iPhone. Water hasn't damaged my previous iPhone 5 after it plunged in a running stream for a whole minute, and the new ones are water-proof anyways.


Apple Care should feel like a great deal, repairs should be without deductibles.

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