CAR: Rumor Sites Consider Forming Own Company

in General Discussion edited January 2014
Those intrepid reporters at Crazy Apple Rumors have uncovered our attempt to purchase our own computer company so that we can control our own rumors, now that Apple is locking us out.

First off, go read the article at <a href=""; target="_blank">Crazy Apple Rumors</a>'s website then come back here.....

I now call to order this first public meeting of the AppleInsider Buyout Organization (AIBO). Our first order of business is to change the name of our group as I've been informed that there's a company making clockwork animals by the same name.

Also I think we should have pizza at every meeting. And I want my secretary to be a stripper.



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    That reminds me of this one commercial i saw, the stripper part, It was christmas and this guy gets a huge box... He opens it and a huge naked black guy stands up out of the box smiles and hands him some vaseline Maybe we should just buy spymac and turn that kick ass i doubt apple looks there for NDA violators...
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