Pin Announcement? “Still Rolling out Features…”

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You guys need to pin this topic title with your own roadmap to the top of this forum.

Am I the only person that cares that UTF-8 is now properly encoded? That alone has made me very happy & much more patient old features aren’t in yet.

(1)Waiting for the “kudos”/“rep++” button (I hope it won’t be long).

(2)If you had poll options you could have an open poll for users to vote for features they’d prioritize.

(3)Also a “would be nice to have” feature is replies that were visually inset & nested—and thus enable threads (particularly unhelpful flame-age) to be rolled up. (like slashdot has)

So, kudos, polls and (to a lesser extent) visible threading would be my 3 priorities, but the third would require a good schema design that might not be possible if things are set in stone.

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