Is it possible to setup a new Mac from a backup of another Mac?

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I own a Macbook Pro that I just set up as a fresh system at the beginning of 2015.  It is now updated to El Capitan.  Just today I purchased a 2nd Mac, a late 2015 iMac.  Here is my question.

I have a lot of software on my Mac computer. Also, there's a lot of things that are tweaked, settings, etc. It would take a long time to setup this 2nd computer so I'm hoping to find an easy way to do it.  I have two types of backups for my laptop.  One is a SuperDuper backup to an external hard drive. The 2nd is a Time Machine backup to an external hard drive.

Is it possible for me to use these?  My idea is to simply backup my laptop to Superduper and then simply use that as the restore drive to setup my new iMac.  Since the Mac laptop was just set up early this year I know it's a very clean install and setup.  If this doesn't work I was wondering if I can do the same thing but just with Time Machine. 

I don't want to do anything that will cause problems down the line.  As well, I assume I'd have to go into the iMac after the 'restore' and then change the computer name from MacBook Pro to iMac so the two don't get confused on the network.

Is this possible or will I have to simply do a complete new install?  Both computers I want to have the same applications, settings, etc. They simply will be used in two different office locations.


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    mr. memr. me Posts: 3,219member
    I have transferred everything from one machine to another using Carbon Copy Cloner. To ensure that the CCC backup had no issues, I first booted from the external HD into the cloned OS. I then re-cloned the cloned setup to the new machine. After the re-clone was done, I booted the new Mac into the cloned OS. Except for some copy-protected applications, all of my applications, settings, passwords, data, etc. were indistinguishable from the original computer.

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    sphericspheric Posts: 1,730member
    Time Machine is designed to do EXACTLY what you request. 

    When you switch on the new Mac, you will be asked whether you wish to restore from a Time Machine backup.  Say yes, attach the drive, and go out for lunch.

    That's it.
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