Price finder being bought out by someone?

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So, let me first state that I'm not a fan of BestBuy in general, and will only ever buy from them if there's a substantial discount relative to my more preferred vendors.  But BestBuy has been running some of the steepest discounts around (by a wide margin) on Apple hardware this season.  And until a day or two ago they were listed in the price guides here on AI.  For instance, their iPad prices are by far the best right now, and have been for the past week or two (at least), but they're suddenyl gone from the price finder.  If other vendors who are still in the price finder are pressuring AI to remove BestBuy because they can't compete, that's some bad sh!t.  The price finder (and AI staff) loses all credibility if it's being manipulated by outside forces.  Please fix this.  The collumn of eBay non-listings does no good for anyone, and removing the vendor with the best pricing is pretty ridiculous.


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    jSnivelyjSnively Posts: 365administrator
    Those are some seriously inflammatory conclusions to jump to. 
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    Absolutely no conclusions being jumped to at all, just trying to undserstand what's going on with an otherwise valuable resource (one of the few).  Code doesn't magically change itself, so I was trying to envision what scenario could possibly lead to the reality I was seeing.  Based on how effed up the price guide is right now, I think it's equally likely to be the result of some bad system administration, or a disgruntled web-monkey.
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