Apple TV4 Power Supply

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Question regarding the new Apple TV...

I purchased the new 4th generation Apple TV at launch (from the US).  My wife accepted a promotion and we recently relocated to Australia... Overall, we've been able to use the Apple TV without any issues (netflix, iTunes movie rentals, etc) while using a power converter in our hotel.

We will be moving into our new apartment in the coming days and I would prefer to use the least amount of adapters/converters on our items as possible.  If I were to buy the cord on eBay (from a previous generation Apple TV) would it work?  We only needed to change the extension cord on our Macs because they are able to adjust power voltage on their own...would this be the case for apple tv 4 being able to convert from 110 to 240?

Don't even get me started on trying to get this for my Sony has given me the run-around...

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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