Mac can send via AirDrop, but no devices recognize it

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I'm trying to use AirDrop to send a file from one MacBook Pro (Mid 2012 15") to another (Mid 2012 13"). I cannot get any device in our house (2 iPhones, iPad mini, and the 15" MBP) to find the 13" MBP via AirDrop. The 15" MPB, however, is recognized by all the other devices. In addition, the 13" MBP can recognize all the other devices (including the 15" MBP" and share items with them. Here's what I know:
  • Yes, "Allow me to be discovered by: Everyone" is selected on the 13" MBP AirDrop settings.
  • Both MBPs are running 10.11.2.
  • I've turned Bluetooth and WiFi on and off.
  • I've restarted the 13" MBP.
  • I have no problem sending items from the 13" MBP via AirDrop. It just cannot be found by other devices.
I thought there might be something in "Sharing" preferences, but I can't see anything related to AirDrop.

On a somewhat unrelated note, I tried to search for relevant posts in the forums, but the search function in the new forums seems subpar at best.

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