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Hi all.... I'm currently running 10.11.3 Beta (15D9c) and everytime I restart my computer my login items disappear. I noticed an unusual icon in the Login Items dialog list box.... something called "Letter". I'm wondering if anyone knows what this is or how I can get rid of it. I have deleted it and added my normal startup items all over again and it keeps on re-appearing... and I'm thinking this could be the offending culprit. I have also run a thorough virus scan on my main startup Hard Drive using AVG for Mac and nothing was found. Anyone got any ideas.... I usually have about 12 startup items that just make my life that bit easier in the morning when I sit at my desk to start work. It's not stopping me working.... but just irritating why this is happening. Any suggestions or comments most welcome Regards, Anthony


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    I just found out what that strange icon was... I right clicked on the name of the strange titled icon and it allowed me Show In Finder... and straight away it went to a Resources folder that displayed the familiar icon of DockStar which is a notification utility app I use with OSX Mail.... so that's solved that.... I have been using that for years so it's probably now not what's causing the Startup Login Items disappears.... maybe it's just a Beta glitch that will be resolved in future releases, but this issue was happening before I took the Beta plunge... actually I tried the update to try and hopefully resolve this issue. Ahhh well... back to square one with this mysterious issue :) Regards, Anthony
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