Help! Need photos of failing GPU on 2011 MacBook Pro 17' !

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I has been long in the making, but the GPU on my Late 2011 MacBook Pro 17' has failed.

Apple has issued repairs for it since last year:

So, I took my MacBook Pro to an Apple Authorized Service Provider here in New York.

They ran the GPU test on my laptop 3 times and it passed every single time. I told them that the issue is intermitted.

They said that they may be able to do a repair on a case by case basis if I provide them with photos showing the GPU failing.

The problem is that I cannot wait since the repair program ends on February 27, 2016.

So, I am asking that someone help provide me photos showing his/her GPU failing on the 2011 MacBook Pro 17'.

I do have to present the photos as my own, so I don't want to use random photos from the internet.

Please sent the photos to me privately. Don't just post them randomly.

Of cause, the ridiculous part is that Apple refuse to fix my laptop because it didn't fail the test despite the laptop having a known fault and me complaining about it.


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    I'm often a bit dense, so let me see if I understand what you want:  

    Essentially, you're looking for someone with an identical five-year-old MBP who has the same GPU issue and will take a screen shot for you, which you will then flog to Apple as your own in order to get them to pay for a repair of obsolete hardware.  

    Meanwhile, you're the 'honest' party here because the GPU issue is a known fault and Apple is simply being obstinate in refusing to repair yours, which doesn't display the issue.  

    Do I have that right?

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