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i bought an IPhone 6s Plus, but in the about section it indicates I have an IPhone 5s
Itune and find my IPhone reflect the same IPhone 5s
i fixed the version issue with just manually changing my correct IPhone 6s Plus type
my issue is can anyone buy a IPhone 6 6Plus or IPhone 5 and change the version manually and have both ITune and find my IPhone reflect the change
Furtgermore Apple needs to look at this issue and patch access to the About setting change


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    sphericspheric Posts: 2,093member
    No, Apple does not need to do anything. It's up to you to rename your iPhone to anything you want. You can do it right there in the settings on the iPhone. Tap on the name you see. 

    it keeps the name when you migrate from one device to a new one. 
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