iPhone 6s Live Photo on rMBP 15" ?

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I was at one of the Apple Store and I was checking out the 15" rMBP in the demo laptops kept on the shelf and I saw one photo in the photo section of the rMBP which was a live photo and on clicking the live button on the photo it would make movement the same way as it does on an iPhone 6S, I asked the guy there that how does this thing work,how can I view a live photo on a rMBP he had no idea so we decided to do a live thing he took my picture on the iPhone 6s in the live mode and air dropped it on the rMBP but my picture would not stutter or move it was not live photo as was the case on the demo content present on their rMBP ! What would be that case ? Can a live photo taken from an iPhone 6s be viewed in a rMBP also ? If yes how can we do this ? Can anyone who has the iPhone 6s and the rMBP check and comment here how does it work ?


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