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I Came to this board to sEE the responses to APPLES big NY Meeting and ALL i see are APPLEHEADS whining ABOUT how APPLE treats THEM! SEE the light and SWITCH to the WINDOWS platform! Stop letting APPLE push YOU around and TREAT you LIKE trash! THEY take ADVANTAGE of your Loyality. YOU are LIKE CUBS fans who WILL be LOYAL year AFTER year to a BAD team! APPLE is A bad team and YOU are CUB fans! You are like a BATTERED woman who will not leave her ABUSsIVe husband. LOYALITY is wonderful, but NOT when it gets you hurt oVER and OVER!


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    overhopeoverhope Posts: 1,123member

    School just closed for the holidays, huh? :o
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    brianmacosbrianmacos Posts: 548member
    WINDMAN you are a joke go find another forum to post on. You don't see me whinning and I am not the only one a lot of other people see the bigger picture. You couldn't pay me to go back to a wintel machine!!! I would rather use my Classic Machintosh before that happens.

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    Dude, you gotta get outside more.

    [edit: this is directed at windbag, or whatever you call yourself]

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    windmanwindman Posts: 17member
    I think that MY OVservation is right. I am not SLAMMING you guys. I AM pointing out how BAD APPLE treats you for how loyal YOU are to APPLE. I post because I hate the way APPLE takes ADVANTAGE of its loyal FOLLOWING.
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    drewpropsdrewprops Posts: 2,321member
    oh my gosh, he's SO RIGHT. How could I think that Apple was a better, more elegant operating system that's only getting better.

    Right, now I'm headed out to the dustbin to toss out all this old Apple rubbish. What the heck was I thinking.

    Oh yeah, all you new Mods?

    Is this trolling or what? (hint, hint)

    coff &lt;lock-it&gt; coff

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    _ alliance __ alliance _ Posts: 2,070member
    cubs suck.
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    windmanwindman Posts: 17member
    I did not post to rip your OS , your BOXES or you! My point it that APPLE take ADVANTAGE of YOU. THIS post is NOT about PLATFORM. It is ABOUT APPLE as a COMPANY and the way it treats its LOYAL customers. LOOK at the other threads here.

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    Overall, Apple has treated its customers well of late. The iTools/.Mac debacle is another story. It's not enough to make me switch back to Wintel (unless there were some hardware-software configuration I just couldn't pass up). I may be upset enough or savvy enough to not pony up the cash for .Mac, but that doesn't mean I'm abandoning the platform. OS X on my iBook offers me a better computer experience for the money than any other I can think of.
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    cablecable Posts: 76member
    Apple has always mistreated us, but like the abused girlfriend, we keep coming back for me. Why? Because it is still better than the stuff that Microsoft puts out.
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    ariari Posts: 126member
    Windman, please explain to us all in detail how Microsoft would treat us better than Apple if we switched to Windows.

    Couldn't it be easily said that M$ could do ALOT more to its consumers than they do?
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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,216member
    WINDMAN hahah that's funny.

    I'm really distraught over OS X's shortcomings versus XP. I really miss.

    1. Forced registration using Product Activation...I am peeved that OSX continues to run without shutting me down.

    2. I'm burned up that OSX would DARE promote .mp3 over a homegrown music CODEC and I'm totally po'd that Apple didn't attempt to weaken the quality of .mp3 in the OS. Outrageous.

    3. Oh I'm sick and tired of having my OSX Virus program sit idle. I long for the weekly virus alerts, Apple has destroyed my right to download the latest virus definitions and patches. Oh those BASTARDS.

    4. Dammit Apple how dare you NOT create a HOME and PRO version of OSX. Why must we be able to fully network on OSX. Why can't Apple make me feel special by charging $200 more for a Pro version so I can feel superior to the lowly Home users. You Classest hating ***** Apple!!

    Geez you're right WINDMAN...Apple is not the ticket. I mean they haven't even put a plan together to ensure that EVERYTHING I play on my computer is verified for Rights Management. Where's my Palladium Apple? You sick twisted hippies! I demand that my computer REQUIRE an internet connection at ALL times. I demand that YOU track my HW changes and force me to reregister if I upgrade too many components! Apple ....STOP giving me so much respect!!!
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