100Mhz system bus question

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i just had a thought about the new iMac and it's 100Mhz system bus.

is it possible that a 133Mhz system bus would make the machine run hotter than what it runs at at 100Mhz?

just sitting thinking about why in the world you'd want a machine running at 100Mhz when it could run at 133, and trying to think of an answer other than "Apple hate us and wants people to suffer with slower computers"

i know they didn't want the iMacs to be noisey, and the new one are almost silent, but do have a fan. is it possible that on the 133Mhz machines that fan noise kicks up a notch or two, and was considered too loud?

personally (maybe this is just me) i've gotten so sick of fan noise on computers that i'd be happy to trade off 200 Mhz or so to have something that i don't hear halfway across the room.



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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,227member

    I believe the answer is yes. Adding %33 more speed most likely comes with additional issues like increased heat. Look at most of Apples' computers that could potentially have heat issues and it seems like they've made them 100Mhz busses.

    I do like the option of having a Quite computer. I don't mind the loud Number Crunching Beast of a machine but in some areas I'd like to be able to puchase a small quiet computer...I'm fairly sensitive to fan noise.
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    bernardbernard Posts: 59member
    dont think bus speed has much to do with heat. cpu speed does. imacs are 100 so they dont step on the power macs toes.
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