DESPERATE HELP! MacPro 2014 suddenly fried(?) after inserting external USB HD

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when it rains...

I plugged in a brand new USB external HD (literally out of the box) to my MacPro and suddenly the displays went dark, the music stopped. I waited a few minutes and tried to restart. The chime goes off but displays remain dark. I think I tried everything under the sun (PRAM reset, 5 second long hold of power button) but to no avail. 

I've removed all cables, left it unplugged a minute, restarted without anything except monitor and keyboard. Chime happens then nothing. 

Is it possible the USB drive fried the mobo?!? I've had this Mac for a while now and never witnessed something like this. 

I have two external monitors attached via thunderbolt 

This is the HD, an INATECK SSD optimized enclosure 


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