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Ok, maybe its me but it seems like a very exciting time to be an Apple fanatic. There seems to be a convergence of events with the potential to propel Apple into a much stronger position.

Apple has recently purchased many high end video/audio software companies. They have developed a fantastic set of iApps that are included free with all macs. They updated the iMac into a great consumer machine. The PM upgrade is imminent (read between Aug '02 - Aug '03). If any current rumors even have a hint of truth the PM is going to have a major overhaul "soon".

Also, Apple has developed the best OS in the industry in Jaguar. They have the most sought after music device in years with the iPod. The current crop of notebooks are among the best available (please refrain from speed/price comparisons for the time being).

In short Apple is innovating again. They are being aggresive and proactive. It seems to me there is a renewed spirit at Apple. Simultaneously, MS has been beset by legal battles. The MS .Net strategy is failing. In fact, Apple software innovation has made good on the promise of .Net and has done it better, sooner. MS software is plagued more than ever by user license issues, security issues and cost issues.

I also think the Mhz problem is solving itself. There seems to be a shift away from Mhz and toward "bandwidth". If you have used a Wintel machine recently (my condolences) you already know how fast they are. Apps open almost instantly. Window resizing is smooth and quick. The most commonly used programs don't need much more Mhz. Is MS Office (AppleWorks 7) going to run so much better at 3+Mhz than it does at 2.4? It's all virtually instant now. I think the focus is shifting to bus speeds, gpu's and the like to take advantage of digital video, audio and web streaming.

These are all areas where Apple seems to be moving. As I mentioned before, Apple has begun to move into the high end a/v software realm even more. They recently released QT6 and have pioneered firewire connectivity. They likely will be first with integrated bluetooth and so on and so on....

Now, I'm not saying Apple is ready to topple MS or conquer the computer industry or even double market share. There are still a lot of "if's" and it won't happen overnight. But it does seem like an exciting time to be an Apple fanatic.


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    The biggest challenge facing Apple right now is convicing windows users to switch and getting pro's to buy new Power Macs. The current switch campaign seems to be convicing people but it will still take time. Dell does almost double the advirtising as Apple and their ads are probably more effective. (50,000 dollar daily give away) I guess you could see the offer as a desperate move by Dell to sell PCs but maybe Apple should try this with people who switch. Handing out 50,000 dollars everyday to a lucky switcher might help. Having a Apple program to instantly transfer all documents from the PC to Mac could also convince people to switch.
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    All very good points...that belong in General Discussion.
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    Great post!!!!!!!

    Apple has gotten itself into a very good position over the past few years to take back some of that 95%. Apple first released the iMac G3 and made a huge amount of money. They got a new great OS and now "Jagwire" is bringing it into its own. They have Beautiful Apple stores all over which seem to be doing well. Recently they realesed the new iMac G4 which is the best computer ever ( I own one ). And now they are about to redo their PowerMacs with new architecture and higher speeds. They have all kinds of great iApps which I love and use daily, especially iTunes ( 717 songs and counting I plan to have over 1000). iSync is a masterpeice of an idea which has outstanding implications. The future is indeed bright for apple and that means we all have a bright future.

    Why don't we discuss future ideas apple could use and how they will work them into their current position. As well we could discuss the plans apple is using now.

    In time.
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    By 1997, Apple was near death.

    Then they made a big comeback, and then blew it all over again.

    Now, things are really starting to work out and I'm happy they have seriously gotten their act together. Let's hope they don't fall into the old Apple trap of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.
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    algolalgol Posts: 833member
    It least they're in the jaws of Victory!!!!! ALL they have to do now is snatch them!!
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    YOu know, i was talking to my mom and one of my mom's best friends the other day, and I brought up that they were opening a new apple store in Menlo Park, NJ (really close to where we used to live) and the friend asked what i was talking about. So i explained, and she said "oh, i thought that apple was dead a long time ago!!!" Ofcourse, being that she is my mom's friend, i could not laugh or beat her over the head with a stick, so i politely said "no, they made a strong comeback with the imac and have been doing pretty well eversince." And ofcourse, her reply was "the i-what?" What was so terrible about this whole conversation is that my mom's friend works in the office of an elementary school, and has done so for 12+ years. I hope this was an isolated incident, but i seriously doubt it. Apple has done a great job, but they desperately NEED more advertising.

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    I agree that Apple needs more advertising. The switch campaign is good but its just a start. I understand the idea of the switch ads to show ordinary people using macs but I worry that non-Apple fans don't pay much attention to them. Frankly, some of them are boring. Also, I have only seen one on tv so far. I don't watch a lot of tv and maybe I don't watch the programs they are advertising on but I've seen the "Dell Dude" about a million times! I prefer the Apple ads featuring music & movie stars. After all, advertising is a fickle business. You have to grab peoples attention quickly or they won't respond. Apple has never had any problem getting the top talent to push their product. I'd like to see more of it.

    I think another key to Apple's continued success is a new AppleWorks that is 100% compatible with MS Orifice. Hopefully that's what the Apple/Sun alliance is all about. We'll see. I still think there is a belief out there, which has some truth to it, that Apple computers don't play nice with the rest of the worlds computers. It's true that Macs are very compatible but people want 100% not 75%, 85% or even 95%. Let's face it. If the world is 95% Wintel, we are the ones who have the burden of compatibility, not them. MS' mac business unit exists to make money, not as a favor to Apple users. There are around 25-30 million mac users out there. Even if only 10% of them buy MS Orifice v.X that's a lot of dough for M$. MS sees Apple as a potential revenue stream, an untapped market. (They also see Apple as a guide for innovation but they won't admit that.) Windows users see Apple as, well, actually they don't see Apple. That's the problem. C'mon Apple, use some of that 4 billion dollars and shout it from the rooftops! You've got the best OS, the best software suite, the coolest computers. Let the rest of the world know!
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    The company that does Apples TV Ads should be fired.

    The ones that I have seen don't even show any Apple computers.

    You know what would be better than that...

    Anything. <img src="graemlins/lol.gif" border="0" alt="[Laughing]" />

    Apple commercials need to be a little more blunt.

    Apple needs to remember that they are selling to the not so intuitive PCer.
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    [quote]Originally posted by DoctorGonzo:

    <strong>By 1997, Apple was near death.

    Then they made a big comeback, and then blew it all over again.

    Now, things are really starting to work out and I'm happy they have seriously gotten their act together. Let's hope they don't fall into the old Apple trap of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    I dunno, lately Apple seems to be floundering again, at least hardware wise. Nothing compelling on the hardware end has come out in some time. The iPod excepted, of course and that was 9 months ago. They need to do something really interesting to keep me hopeful. The decline in the powermac sales has been really troubling but I've got faith that they will be able make some progress....but of course I'm always an optimist when it comes to this sort of thing.

    OTOH, if DocGonzo is thinking that Apple's going in the right direction, something's gotta be going right!
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    [quote]Originally posted by torifile:


    I dunno, lately Apple seems to be floundering again, ...</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Fads come and Fads go. Apple is , and in my opinion will be, not taken seriously as a computer maker by the average joe citizen. Only when Apple has a gimmick for people to recognize their stuff, do people actually realize that... Hey this is a really powerful, easy to use computer.

    It's seems to be what drives thier success.

    If they came out with a Tangerine version of the new 17" iMac they would probably sell millions more than if they just sell White.
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    imaximax Posts: 43member
    I hear you MrBill but that seems like a catch-22 for Apple. The only way for them to be noticed as a serious computer company by Joe Public is to have a gimmick. Colors get people to notice but then they say, "Oh, it's just a kids computer or a cute pseudo computer." I actually think the design of the new iMac was to be the "gimmick". It's certainly different from anything else out there! A flat panel on an adjustable arm? A circular logic board?

    Still, Apple does seem to have an image problem. Among Mac fans Apple is the holy grail. They don't need to advertise to Mac fans as much but they desperately need to get the word out to others. I think they should go head to head with the Windows world and point out their strengths; OSX, iApps, design, stability, compatibility, ease of use and so on.

    Now before I get flamed for saying Apple should take on the Widows world head to head please don't misunderstand my meaning. This is not to say that Apple should try to topple the mighty MS (I doubt that's possible anyway). What I mean is that by doing so Apple could hopefully capture more market share. Wouldn't it be nice to see Apple grow to 10%? 20% more?
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