Macbook Pro dying at inopportune time, now what?

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My late-2011 Macbook Pro's hard drive is clicking and sounds like it is on its last legs. (Yes I have backed up.) I don't know if it can survive until June/July. What would you do if you were me? All I do with my laptop is surf the web (up to 15 tabs open at once) and use Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. No gaming, no intensive graphics, no video editing. I do own a lot of wired peripherals (mouse, speakers, monitor, optical drive) and use my laptop to charge my Kindle and Fitbit, so having standard USB ports (and Thunderbolt) would be more convenient than USB-C port(s). I really don't want to buy the 12-inch Macbook, since even the 13-inch screen is a bit small for my taste. Should I just buy the Macbook Air 13 inch that now comes with 8 GB RAM, even though Air may be obsolete soon? Should I try to [painfully] use my iPad as my primary computing device until June/July? What could I potentially gain by waiting a few months if I'm only a casual laptop user? Would very much appreciate peoples' perspectives. 


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