Just saying hi !

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Hi AppleInsider community!

Running a forum myself, I've thought it would be nice to introduce myself.

I've found this site from the podcasts, something I've never listened to before I've found AppleInsider's podcasts on tunein app.

I'm kinda relatively new to Apple. I've had many Android phones and tablets in the last 4-5 years. Also had an iPod for 4-5 just for playing on.

Got bored by waiting for Android updates and decided to make the move to Apple. In the last year, I've bought iPhone 6, iPod 5, iPad Mini, Apple TV, Apple Time Capsule and last week a MacBook Pro 13.

The main reasons why I've decided to go with Apple is the ecosystem. All devices are all integrated, super easy to use and (it's a little strange) but they make me feel more "zen" :)

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