Twitter for Mac catches up with iOS & Web via Moments, polls & more

in Mac Software
Twitter released an important update to its official Mac client on Wednesday, finally bringing the software's features closer to par with iOS and the Web.

The primary addition in the update, 4.1.0, is support for Moments. These allow users to track an ongoing trend or event through curated tweets, including photos, GIFs, and videos. Moments originally launched for mobile last October, and it's not clear what might have caused a delay on Mac other than Twitter's mobile-heavy focus.

The Mac client now also supports another feature introduced last October, custom polls. New ones can be created for virtually any topic, and posted in just a few clicks. Each lasts 24 hours.

A new GIF search function, lastly, should make it easier to post looping animations in public tweets and in direct messages.

The Twitter Mac client is a free download from the Mac App Store. The latest version requires OS X 10.10 or later.


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    bob nycbob nyc Posts: 5member
    New Twitter crashes every time I click on the messages icon.
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    noivadnoivad Posts: 186member
    The twitter app immediately froze & then crashed. Restarting it cleared its cache, but it seems every first time after launch you pull up a window to write a tweet, the program stalls while it loads who knows what (& this is on a 16GB DRAM & Quad2.6GHz i7). It’s listed as 4.1.0 but it’s more like a 4.0 release with all the sluggishness & bugs
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