Apple Designs, RIP evangelists.

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2 shirts, a mug, posters, posters,posters...pens and stickers. (Are mine)

Once upon a time we could all buy wonderful evangelistic Apple propaganda in the form of clothing, accessories and even utility, yet where does it rest?

Does anyone know why Steve Jobs killed Apple Designs? The stuff there was awesome, and it was like free advertising...even better, they made money just employing the evangelism.

Guy Kawasaki wasn't really that great at evangelism, but ya know...there are many great evangelists, those who have helped Apple to sell and thrive, INCLUDING US!

We the evangelists demanded Apple Designs stay but alas it was terminated. If anyone has any further insight to this situation, that is "Insight"... I would be very interested.


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    mac xmac x Posts: 9member
    Try "" website.

    But be forewarned!... even with a cable modem connection the page rendering is slowwwwwwwww.
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    defiantdefiant Posts: 4,876member
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    frawgzfrawgz Posts: 547member
    For a short time, AppleDesigns looked like it was going to return at (there was a graphic that said "coming soon"). Don't know what happened to the idea. <img src="graemlins/hmmm.gif" border="0" alt="[Hmmm]" />
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    big macbig mac Posts: 480member
    The really weird aspect of Apple merchandise sales is that there is said to be nothing of the sort at the Apple retail stores. Anyone who has been to the Cupertino Apple campus store lately can tell you there still is a large amount of Apple merchandise for sale. Why it doesn't get to the retail stores or the web is beyond me. If Apple's looking for extra revenue, instead of jacking up the price of iTools they may want to investigate making merchandise visible again.
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    moogsmoogs Posts: 4,296member
    Good points all, especially the one Big Mac made.
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